DIR.LV offers ColorVu - a new generation of Hikvision cameras that provide color images even at night. 

In addition to the fact that cameras with this technology give a much better image at night, they provide much more information about the incident: 
1. The color of a person's clothing. This information allows you to identify and find a criminal with a high-quality image. Identify the brand of clothing and match with other theft in the police database.

2. Vehicle color. Because often the license plates of the cars in the video at night has blurred image, the color of the car is a very important factor in order for the police to find it easier to find the attacker and determine the number of his car having information about the brand, model and color of the car.

3. Vehicle licence plate. ColorVu technology is better than conventional technology with IR night mode because the infrared light reflects on the license plate and creates a white spot and the license plate becomes impossible to identify.
You can also watch a video clip with a presentation of ColorVu technology: