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Gas, Smoke, Heat detectors

Manufacturer: WISUALARM Model: HY-SA20A
DetectionsmokeAlarm signalingLED indicator Acoustic (buzzer)Battery power supply1 xMain featuresSound signaling 85Operation temp-10Weight0.13DimensionsØ 98Manufacturer / BrandWISUALARM / DAHUAGuarantee2 years..
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Manufacturer: SATEL Model: TSD-1
Detectionsmoke, heatAlarm signalingLED indicator Signal to control panelLine type configurationNO/NC/2EOLMinimal static temperature of alarm notification54Maximal static temperature of alarm notification65Relay contacts rating (resistive load)40Power supply12Permissible relative humidity93Operation..
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Model: CT-DS18B20/3M
SupportControl panel 1-wireDetectionTemperature measurementMeasuring accuracy± 0.5Length of the cable3Main featuresResolution : 9ColorSilverOperation temp-55Weight0.06DimensionsØ 6Guarantee2 years..
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Manufacturer: EURA Model: SD-20B8
Detectionsmoke, cigarette smokeAlarm signalingLED indication, Beep signal : 85Power supply9V, type 6F22 batteryCurrent consumption< 10Main featuresTest button, Low battery level alarm, "Index of Protection" : IP20, Autonomous operationOperation temp-10Weight0.14DimensionsØ 107Manufacturer / Bran..
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Manufacturer: SATEL Model: DG-1-TCM
DetectionChloroform - CHCI3, Vapors of paints and lacquers, Chlorodifluoromethane, Freon, TetrafluoroethaneGas concentration to trigger alarm6000Relay contacts rating (resistive load)40Power supply12Operation temp-10Weight0.06DimensionsØ 97Manufacturer / BrandSATELGuarantee2 years..
Excluded VAT 21%:98.76€
Manufacturer: SATEL Model: DG-1-CO
DetectionCarbon Monoxide (CO)Alarm signalingBuzzer Blinking LED Signal to control panelGas concentration to trigger alarm50Maximum permissible load16Power supply9Operation temp-30Weight0.050DimensionsØ 97Manufacturer / BrandSATELGuarantee2 years..
Excluded VAT 21%:82.68€
Model: CT-DS18B20/5M
SupportControl panel 1-wireDetectionTemperature measurementMeasuring accuracy± 0.5Length of the cable5Main featuresResolution : 9ColorSilverOperation temp-55Weight0.06DimensionsØ 6Guarantee2 years..
Excluded VAT 21%:21.49€
Manufacturer: SATEL Model: TD-1
DetectionTemperature thresholds, Temperature gradientAlarm signalingThe proper setting of 2 relay outputs, LEDs indicating device operation stateTemperature sensorBuilt-in, external (sensor)Length of the sensor cable3Relay contacts rating (resistive load)1Power supply12Operation temp-35Weight0.04Dim..
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Manufacturer: ORNO Model: OR-DC-614
DetectionNatural gas (methane)Alarm signalingAlarm siren ≥ 70Gas concentration to trigger alarm10% Lower Explosive Limit (LEL)Main featuresRelay output - The possibility to send an impulse to another device if the alarm presence is exceeded, for instance: ventilator, siren, solenoid valve The 12V D..
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Manufacturer: DELTA Model: CT-5
SupportOSD-50HD - firmware version 1.34.4 or later, SG-55HD - firmware version 1.34.4 or later, Operation via included PC softwareMeasurementTemperature measurement : -55Resolution of the measuring transducer10Number of temperature channels2Voltage measuring range0Analog inputs1Transmission protoc..
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Manufacturer: VIRONE Model: DC-3-TEST
DetectionCarbon Monoxide (CO)Alarm signalingAlarm siren Blinking LEDGas concentration to trigger alarm300Battery power supply3 x Current consumption30Main featuresElectrochemical carbon monoxide detector Alarm signaling : low level ( > 40Operation temp-10Weight0.20Dimensions110Manufacturer / Brand..
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Manufacturer: EURA Model: SD-10B8
DetectionsmokeSensor typePhoto-opticalAlarm signalingLED indicator Acoustic (buzzer)Battery power supply9V, type 6LR61 battery (included)~ 10Main featuresSound signaling 85Operation temp-10Weight0.14DimensionsØ 107Manufacturer / BrandEURAGuarantee2 years..
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