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01 Nov Smart Home by Ajax: Revolutionary automation, light and socket control
admin 1 2914
Smart home systems have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing users with convenience, security and energy efficiency. Ajax, one of the leaders in the smart home industry, offers innov..
13 Oct Dahua AcuPick technology
admin 0 2785
Dahua Technology has developed an innovative technology called AcuPick that revolutionizes the process of automatic object sorting and recognition. AcuPick is a computer vision system based on artific..
09 Jan Which video surveillance system to choose in 2023?
admin 1 3551
Perhaps you are planning to install a video surveillance system for your home or business? You started to research what systems are on the market, and realized that it is quite difficult to figure it ..
31 Dec Ajax Fibra - a second life for wired systems
admin 0 5862
New system from Ajax company - FibraWhat is Ajax Fibra? Fibra is a wire-addressable security technology. Yes, it is wired technology, but it is not like the old wired security systems and has many adv..
30 Dec Hikvision AcuSense Technology - Description and Application scanarios
admin 0 5511
In 2019, Hikvision announced a new technology based on deep learning. These are essentially video cameras and artificial intelligence recording devices. For a long time, the idea of ​​the developers w..
11 Dec Ajax is a new generation security system!
admin 0 3753
A little about Ajax:The Ajax company was founded in 2011 in Ukraine. For 10 years of work in the field of security systems, it has won the trust and respect of many users and professional installation..
06 Dec Dahua TIOC 2.0 ip cameras technology
admin 0 5643
Dahua TIOC 2.0the most powerful video surveillance system technology for the protection of private property. TIOC (three in one technology) combines 3 technologies:Full Color - color image at nightAI ..
23 Jul How to reset Hikvision ip cameras?
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Reset button method. The easiest method to reset the camera. Unfortunately, not all cameras have a reset button. You need to:  disconnect power from camera, push reset button and hold it. After that y..
13 Jul How to set up Dahua IP intercoms via SIP server?
admin 0 3058
Before configuring the door station and connecting it to a Dahua monitor, we do the following:We initialize the door station using the VDP Config utility, which is part of the Dahua ToolBox software p..
22 Jun Youtube ip camera video streaming
admin 0 9675
How to start broadcasting online from a video surveillance camera on YouTube? Today I will tell you about this convenient method. First, let's think in what areas this technology will be applicable an..
11 May Dahua SMD 3.0 - Smart Motion Detection
1 14166
Dahua SMD (Smart Motion Detection) is AI based algorithm to detect Human and Vehicle motion and filter false motions as like a Pets, snow, rain, trees and so on. Protecting outdoor areas has always be..
08 May Dahua Full Color - night in color!
1 9933
DIR.LV offers Dahua Full Color video cameras - excellent color images even at night! This state-of-the-art technology allows, with natural night illumination (stars, moon and window illumination), wit..
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