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06 Jun History of video surveillance from the first systems to artificial intelligence
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Video surveillance systems have come a long way from simple cameras that record what is happening on film to modern intelligent systems that utilize powerful artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. T..
23 May How to reset Dahua ip cameras?
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How to Restore Password or Reset Dahua IP Camera to Factory SettingsIn today's world, IP cameras have become an integral part of security systems. They provide 24/7 video surveillance, allowing owners..
21 May Guidelines for CCTV system cabling
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Guide for IP and PoE Video Surveillance Wire RoutingIntroductionVideo surveillance is an important part of security for both commercial and residential properties. Modern video surveillance systems of..
10 May Law and conditions for installing and maintaining video surveillance in Latvia
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It may seem that it is too complicated to understand the data protection law (GDPR) in the field of video surveillance, that it is easier to abandon the idea of installation, but this is not the case ..
10 May How to configure Dahua NVR (WEB 3.0)?
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Configuring Dahua Network Video Recorder (NVR) using Version 3.0 Interface as an example: Step-by-Step GuideNetwork video recorders (NVRs) from Dahua CCTV systems are in demand due to their reliabilit..
04 May How to setup an IP camera?
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Setting up an IP camera is a task that may seem complicated for a novice user, but with the right approach it is quite feasible. This article will show you how to set up an IP camera step by step.Step..
01 Nov Smart Home by Ajax: Revolutionary automation, light and socket control
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Smart home systems have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing users with convenience, security and energy efficiency. Ajax, one of the leaders in the smart home industry, offers innov..
13 Oct Dahua AcuPick technology
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Dahua Technology has developed an innovative technology called AcuPick that revolutionizes the process of automatic object sorting and recognition. AcuPick is a computer vision system based on artific..
09 Jan Which video surveillance system to choose in 2023?
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Perhaps you are planning to install a video surveillance system for your home or business? You started to research what systems are on the market, and realized that it is quite difficult to figure it ..
31 Dec Ajax Fibra - a second life for wired systems
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New system from Ajax company - FibraWhat is Ajax Fibra? Fibra is a wire-addressable security technology. Yes, it is wired technology, but it is not like the old wired security systems and has many adv..
30 Dec Hikvision AcuSense Technology - Description and Application scanarios
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In 2019, Hikvision announced a new technology based on deep learning. These are essentially video cameras and artificial intelligence recording devices. For a long time, the idea of ​​the developers w..
11 Dec Ajax is a new generation security system!
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A little about Ajax:The Ajax company was founded in 2011 in Ukraine. For 10 years of work in the field of security systems, it has won the trust and respect of many users and professional installation..
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