Dahua SMD (Smart Motion Detection) is AI based algorithm to detect Human and Vehicle motion and filter false motions as like a Pets, snow, rain, trees and so on.

Protecting outdoor areas has always been considered a very difficult and costly task. 24/7 security on site is very expensive and resource intensive. Technical security based on alarm systems, consisting of motion sensors with infrared and microwave technology, has its drawbacks - false alarms, complexity in setting and installation. But thanks to Artificial Intelligence, these problems have been solved! Cameras with SMD technology are self-learning and can distinguish human and machine movements from movements of other objects, which helps and facilitates the protection of street areas.

SMD technology also helps with finding the right length of time in video recordings due to the fact that it filters out everything that is unnecessary. For example, if you have an object where there is always some kind of movement (animals, trees), in the case of conventional motion detection technology, the recordings will be almost constant and at the right time it will be difficult for you to find the segment in the records that interests you, you just have to look through a lot of unnecessary information and spend a lot of time on it. It also affects the duration of the archive, the technology can increase your archive time several times without changing hard drives to new ones with a large capacity. Here is an example of a real application of this technology, where the timeline of the archive is also visible and a comparison of conventional motion detection technology and SMD:

How is alarm notification done? There are several types of notification in this system:
  1. Notification in the mobile application. With app, you can arm your facility at the time you need. In the event of an alarm, you will receive a notification in your smartphone about the alarm and you can immediately see what is happening at your facility by receiving an online video.
  2. Notification using alarm outputs from CCTV cameras or video recorders. Various devices can be connected to these outputs - such as transmitters of security companies, sirens, GSM communicators, etc.
  3. Center for alarm messages. If your security company has this function enabled, then they will be able to receive alarm messages directly to their center using special software. They will receive metadata about an event at your facility and will automatically receive a video of the incident.
  4. Email alert. You can configure the SMTP server to send alarm e-mails to the selected addresses.

Where can this technology be applied? Where will these cameras be especially useful? If answer this question in one word - everywhere! SMD will be useful both in the private field, as well as in the business field - Private houses, apartments, private territory, parking area, factories, train stations, airports, agricultural facilities, and so on:

Check out these informative videos to see how Dahua SMD technology works: