Dahua Technology IP Cameras

Dahua Technology IP Cameras

Dahua Technology is second largest video surveillance system manufacturer in the world. You can check it here: rankings.

Dahua Technology is pioneer of modern cctv technologies as like a HDCVI technologies that not having analogues.

Dahua has 770 own patents, has 10 000 employees and 5 000 engineers. 

It is our company favorite manufacturer. As system integrators we think that Dahua has many advantages:

1. Good price of production.

2. Leading technologies.

3. Very good production quality (in Latvia we have tested cameras outdoor - from -30-40 degrees, rain, snow and so on).

4. Free cloud service p2p that allows to use cameras trough internet without fixed ip address to see image in 100% quality.

5. Excellent image quality.

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