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CCTV video systems

Video surveillance has become an integral part of our lives. Now it is impossible to imagine no one modern city without security systems, such as video cameras. Video surveillance systems have developed tremendously over the past decade, image quality has increased tens of times, various technologies have been introduced based on video surveillance systems, such as motion detection (intrusion, border crossing, etc.), car number recognition (ANPR), visitor counters,  temperature map (showing where people are most likely to be on the site), identification of faces and many other systems.

Among the CCTV systems, two companies of security system manufacturers are particularly distinguished, such as Hikvision Digital Technology and Dahua Technology. These companies occupy more than 80% of the entire market of video surveillance systems. Hikvision and Dahua are not only the world's largest producers of video surveillance systems, but also the most advanced in the introduction of new technologies, rapidly developing their range and also software.

Our company DIR.LV is an authorized partner of Hikvision and Dahua companies, therefore we can provide our customers with the best prices for products, the widest assortment and that is not unimportant - technical support and consultations. We are also installers of these systems and are 100% familiar with them. We recommend the video surveillance systems Hikvision and Dahua as we are convinced that this is the most high-quality and promising manufacturers among the world market of security systems.

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