In 2019, Hikvision announced a new technology based on deep learning. These are essentially video cameras and artificial intelligence recording devices. For a long time, the idea of ​​the developers was to create a system that could recognize human and vehicle movements and filter other movements, such as the movements of animals, trees, leaves, snow, rain, etc.

AcuSense technology incorporates precise motion detection and various analytics that can be obtained using algorithms and deep settings for IP cameras. For example, AcuSense cameras can be programmed to detect a person or a car only in a certain area on the camera, or set up a line of intersection anywhere on the camera.

Thanks to this technology, securing facilities has become easier and less costly. For example, instead of having a large staff of security guards who will walk around the territory, it is enough to install cameras with AcuSense technology, which will monitor your facility 24/7 and send a signal to the central monitoring console. Such work can be performed by only one person, who will always receive an image from CCTV cameras at the time of motion detection. Imagine that just one person can replace the security post of their 10 employees and do it no less efficiently, and maybe even more efficiently. Including wages and social costs, installing and maintaining an AcuSense system can significantly reduce your costs.

Another area of ​​application for AcuSense technology is in the private sector. Since the cameras of this series can easily work with applications in a mobile phone, securing the surrounding area to your home is no longer a problem.

How was the territory of a private house protected before? Often, the security of the area also caused big problems, such as financial costs for additional equipment and time-consuming installation tasks. Most often, the perimeters of guarded private houses are guarded using beam sensors that close the loop and are triggered when someone or something crosses the line. This technology has many drawbacks and weaknesses, for example, with a good knowledge of how this technology works, it can be deceived. Beam sensors create a line that has an expansion of 3 degrees in the middle of the contour, therefore, the contour can either jump over or crawl under it, and when a person is inside the contour, the sensors of course will not even react.

Another possibility of protecting the perimeter of a private house was the installation of motion sensors. Outdoor motion sensors are quite expensive and, again, have a number of disadvantages, such as false alarms. No matter how these sensors are tuned, sooner or later they will be triggered by various interference, such as trees or bushes that sway in the wind, snow or rain, even the sun's rays at sunrise and sunset, which blind the sensors.

Unlike all of the listed perimeter security features, the AcuSense system wins a lot! The benefits can be enumerated for a long time, but here are some of them:

  1. Alarm video confirmation. You can always make sure of what is happening at your facility by remotely receiving an image of what is happening and then take specific actions to call a security company, police or fire department.
  2. Guarding a much larger area. Cameras with AcuSense technology are capable of detecting human movement at a distance of up to 30 meters. Consequently, one camera can replace 2-5 motion sensors, depending on the model and location. In cameras of the same Hikvision AcuSense video camera, you can use both the function of crossing the line and intruding into the zone, i.e. one camera can replace not only motion sensors, but also beam - perimeter sensors.
  3. Sending notifications. In addition to the fact that this system can be connected to any security console, the owner of the facility can also receive notification in the application and alarm at his facility. And consequently, control and check the work of the security company.
  4. Flexible customization. Setting up cameras is much more advanced than setting up motion sensors. The zones, sensitivity and also the size of the recognized object are adjusted.

We can draw the following conclusion: technology simplifies our lives by making it safer. Unfortunately, technologies cannot completely eliminate crime, but thanks to them we can provide ourselves with better protection and invest less money in it. AcuSense technology is a step forward for your safety.

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