DIR.LV offers Dahua Full Color video cameras - excellent color images even at night!

This state-of-the-art technology allows, with natural night illumination (stars, moon and window illumination), without additional illumination (lanterns or spotlights), to obtain a color image on the camera thanks to a particularly light-sensitive matrix of 0.005-0.001 LUX. Among the line of Full Color cameras there are 2 types of cameras:
  1. With additional LED illumination (not IR), which creates a glow similar to the glow of a flashlight at night. If you have street lighting around the house, then this lighting will not even be necessary. In the camera settings, there is a threshold for the LED illumination or its shutdown.
  2. No additional LED illumination (not IR). These cameras are top-end cameras in their segment, they have a very light sensor 0.001 Lux with a large Image Sensor 1 / 1.8 ”. They always work in color mode, even if there is no additional lighting, natural lighting from the stars and the moon will be enough for them.
In the following illustration, you can see how Full Color cameras show in real life - day and night. The daytime image has a very rich color and high-quality detail, all with high resolution from 4-8 megapixels. The night image remains colorful and as vivid as the difference between day and night images is not as great as is the case with conventional infrared-illuminated CCTV technology, which produces a black and white image:

The following illustration shows the difference between Dahua's Starlight technology, which until now was considered the most advanced technology with excellent night visibility and Full Color technology at night:

These cameras will be especially useful in the following situations:
  1. Search for an incident related to a car at night. Find the car you need with the brand, model and color information. Get clearer car license plate recordings compared to infrared cameras.
  2. Find a person by color and brand of clothing and get a clear image of their face. Conventional infrared cameras often show face highlights and show clothing in dark colors.
You can also watch these informational videos about Full Color technology:

Dahua Full Color technology is similar to Hikvision's ColorVu technology. You can read about it here: https://dir.lv/security-technologies/hikvision-colorvu-en