New system from Ajax company - Fibra

What is Ajax Fibra? Fibra is a wire-addressable security technology. Yes, it is wired technology, but it is not like the old wired security systems and has many advantages over them.

  1. Addressable sensors with many settings and functions. Like wireless Ajax sensors, sensors from the Fibra series can be configured remotely through the application, the sensitivity can be adjusted, and they also have a favorite feature of all Ajax system users - built-in thermometers in the sensors that allow you to see the temperature in the room. This function is especially useful when you go on vacation, for example, during the cold season, you can always see the temperature in the room.
  2. Low energy consumption. Since the same engineers were involved in the development of the Fibra technology as in the creation of the wireless system, the main task was to ensure the system is energy efficient. But you ask, what is energy efficiency for if the sensors are wired! And I’ll answer you - this is necessary for a long cable line.
  3. Long line length. Thanks to its energy efficiency, the cable line can be up to 2000 meters and up to 100 sensors can be connected to it.
  4. High security. The line is polled for sensors in the system every 12 seconds. Consequently, you will always be sure that everything is in order with your motion sensors, which cannot be said about analog sensors, the status of which is determined by the line resistance, but the resistance may be normal even when the sensor is out of order.
  5. Ease of installation. The Fibra system is sure to be loved by all professional installers for its flexibility and ease of sensor connection. You can connect sensors in parallel or you can connect them with a "star" ie. you can cut and plug new sensors into a cable line that has been stretched during repairs or construction. No matter where to add a new sensor, the system will determine its location, you just have to add it to the desired security group using the convenient Ajax application!
  6. Battery replacement issue resolved! Although replacing batteries or accumulators in Ajax sensors is not such a frequent question, it is still very critical for some. Maintenance of this system is easier and cheaper!
  7. Product price. What is important and very pleasant for the end user, the prices for Fibra detectors will be much lower!

Fibra technology is a huge breakthrough in burglar alarms. Now the Ajax family has all the technologies to keep your property safe!

We remind you that the user is only authorized by companies to install and purchase Ajax systems. Check out the offers from the official Ajax representative - DIR.LV.