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Dahua Technology: Innovation and Reliability in the World of Video Surveillance

Dahua Technology is one of the leading global manufacturers of video surveillance equipment and security systems. Founded in China in 2001, the company has quickly gained a reputation as a reliable and innovative provider of solutions in the fields of video analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies.

One of the key advantages of Dahua Technology is their constant commitment to innovation. The company actively invests in research and development to offer cutting-edge technologies and products that meet the demands and challenges of the modern security world. Dahua Technology is a pioneer in artificial intelligence, video analytics, and deep learning, enabling them to create products with advanced features such as facial recognition, automatic event detection, and data analysis.

Cloud technologies are one of the main areas of development for Dahua Technology. They provide integrated cloud platforms and services that simplify the management and scalability of video surveillance systems. With Dahua Technology's cloud solutions, clients gain access to video from anywhere, at any time, making their solutions flexible and convenient for various application scenarios.

However, in addition to innovation, Dahua Technology places great emphasis on the reliability of its products. The company has a strict quality control system and undergoes certification in accordance with international standards such as ISO 9001. They also actively collaborate with partners and clients to ensure reliable integration and support of their products.

Dahua Technology offers a wide range of products, including IP cameras, video recorders, access controllers, video management systems, and more. Their solutions find applications in various industries, including government institutions, commercial enterprises, educational institutions, and transportation systems.

In conclusion, Dahua Technology is a leading manufacturer of video surveillance equipment, offering innovative and reliable solutions. Through their technological advancements and commitment to quality, Dahua Technology continues to set high standards in the video security industry and remains a trusted partner for its clients.

The excellent DMSS app allows you to manage your systems conveniently and efficiently from your smartphone. DIR.LV is the official distributor of Dahua systems in Latvia and the European Union.

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Manufacturer: Dahua Model: PFM920I-5EUN
На отрезке305ТипUTP кат. 5eВнутренний проводникØ 0.45Сопротивлениеmax. 12Внешняя оболочкаØ 4.7Цвет оболочкиБелыйОсновные характеристикиПараметры значительно превышает требования для категории 5+Вес28Производитель/ МаркаDAHUAГарантия3 года..
0.33€ 0.36€
Excluded VAT 21%:0.27€
Manufacturer: Dahua Model: KAT5UTPD
CAT5/UTP cable 305m Spool..
Excluded VAT 21%:0.63€
Manufacturer: Dahua Model: PFA135-B
Features:  • Material: Aluminum. • Wall Mount Bracket. • Neat &Integrated design.  Technical Specifications:  • Material Aluminum. • Dimension 90x32mm. • Inch Thread M20(G1/2”). • Operating Temperature -40°C ~60°C. • Humidity 0~90% RH...
Excluded VAT 21%:22.82€
Manufacturer: Dahua Model: PFA136-B
Junction box for hiding Dahua camera cables PFA136, black  Technical specification:  Material: aluminum. Color black. Dimensions: 110mmx110mmx34mm. Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +60°C. Operating humidity:..
Excluded VAT 21%:22.75€
Manufacturer: Dahua Model: PFA122-B
Подходит для камерDAHUA - документация для скачивания ниже.МатериалАлюминийЦветЧерный53Вес0.57136Производитель/ МаркаDAHUAГарантия3 года..
Excluded VAT 21%:37.80€
Manufacturer: Dahua Model: PFA121-B
Water-proof junction box for hiding Dahua camera cables PFA121, black, IP66  Technical specification:  Material: aluminum. Color black. Dimensions: 134.0mmx133.5mmx56.0mm. Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +60°C. Operating humidity:..
Excluded VAT 21%:37.80€
Manufacturer: Dahua Model: CAHDW2549TM-S-IL28
.desc table { width: -webkit-fill-available !important; }IPC-HDW2549TM-S-IL 5MP Smart Dual Light Fixed-focal Eyeball WizSense Network Camera Intelligent monitoring: Intrusion, tripwire (the two functions support the classification and accurate detection of vehicle and human). Abnormality detection:..
Excluded VAT 21%:192.39€
Manufacturer: Dahua Model: PFA152-E-B
Features:  • Material: Aluminum • Pole Mount Bracket • Neat & Integrated design  Technical Specifications:  • Material Aluminum and SUS304 Stainless Steel. • Dimension 125.6mmx114mmx20mm. • Mast Diameter 80~150mm. • Operating Temperature --40°C~..
Excluded VAT 21%:31.50€
Manufacturer: Dahua Model: CAHFW2441S-S-28
.desc table { width: -webkit-fill-available !important; }IPC-HFW2441S-S 4MP IR Fixed-focal Bullet WizSense Network Camera, 4-MP 1/2.9" CMOS image sensor, low luminance, and high definition image. Specifications Technical Specification Camera Image Sensor 1/2.9" CMOS Max. Resolution ..
Excluded VAT 21%:170.61€
Manufacturer: Dahua Model: VMVTO2111D-P-S2
System Main Processor Embedded processor Operating System Embedded LINUX operating system Button Type Mechanical Interoperability ONVIF Internet Protocol SIP; P2P; IPv4; DNS; RTSP; RTP; TCP; UDP Baisc Camera 1/4" 1MP CMOS high definition, low illumination/WDR,..
Excluded VAT 21%:175.45€
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